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Roof Cleaning Tampa Services: Pressure Wash Before You Seal Pavers

Roof Cleaning Tampa Services: Pressure Wash Before You Seal Pavers

If you’re a homeowner who wants to seal the pavers on your driveway or walkway to achieve a high gloss look, you will first want to hire a roof cleaning Tampa company to wash the pavers to ensure a proper sealant application.

Sometimes referred to as paving stones, pavers are interlocking paving stones and are commonly used by homeowners for outdoor hardscaping purposes. Pavers can be made of a multitude of materials, including clay, concrete, and brick. Natural stones, including travertine, granite, slate, and cobblestone, are also common materials. Pavers also come in an endless variety of colors, sizes, and textures, allowing homeowners to customize the look according to the style of the home and yard.

Many homeowners choose to seal their pavers with a particular sealant to achieve a high gloss, wet look. If you want to seal your pavers, read below to find more information about your roof cleaning Tampa, including application tips.

Uses of Pavers

While there are many applications for pavers, they are most commonly used for hardscaping applications. Hardscaping refers to hard landscape materials that are incorporated into a landscape structure such as a driveway or walkway. Pavers are also used for patios, roofs, outdoor seating areas, outdoor kitchens, and pool decks.

Pavers offer many benefits. Besides being durable and long-lasting, they require minimal upkeep and are easy to customize in terms of look and layout. Pavers are also an affordable way to add aesthetic value to your home. Installed correctly, they can even reduce yard maintenance needs and increase the monetary value of your home.

Paver Sealants

Paver Sealants

Paver sealant is an important maintenance tool used to keep paver roofs, patios, driveways, and pool decks looking new and in good condition for years after they are first installed. In general, all concrete pavers should be sealed as concrete tends to be porous and will absorb stains if a sealant is not applied. Sealants can also keep paver color from fading.

There are some poor quality paver sealants on the market, and you want to do your research before buying a sealing product to ensure you receive a good outcome with your roof cleaning Tampa. Just because the sealant was purchased from a reputable store does not always mean the product is quality. In general, established brands such as Techniseal offer effective, durable products.

High-Gloss Paver Sealants

There are two basic types of paver sealants. Film-forming sealants offer a high-gloss or semi-gloss finish while non-film forming sealants provide a more matte finish. Both types are durable and relatively affordable.

Sealing pavers to achieve a wet look finish is possible by following a few simple steps. You will first need to choose a wet look sealer based on your price range and the look you want to achieve. You will also want to consider where the sealant will be applied, whether it be a walkway, roof, or outdoor deck. Armor sealants are highly regarded in the landscaping industry because they produce a high-gloss finish but are still very durable.

Once you have chosen an appropriate sealer, you need to prep the pavers. Remove any residue or debris from the surface of the pavers. This will ensure the sealant bonds effectively with the surface. Pressure washing is one of the best methods for cleaning pavers. It’s best to hire a roof cleaning Tampa professional like Peter’s Pressure Washing to complete the job for you.  Please allow 24 hours after pressure washing to apply a sealant to ensure the pavers are fully dry.

You can apply the first coat of sealant after the pavers have been properly cleaned. Use a roller or pump sprayer to apply the first coat. Then, wait 24 hours after applying the first coat before repeating the process. Waiting a day to apply the second coat will ensure a better film formation and a higher gloss finish.

Paver Sealant Applicant Tips

Paver Sealant Applicant Tips

To ensure your sealant is properly applied, follow these simple application tips:

Apply sealant in the evening to ensure the pavers have had a chance to cool down from the sun of the day.

Saturate the pavers when applying sealant. Ensure all crevices are completely covered.

Contact a professional tile roof cleaning Tampa company if you need assistance with the preparation or application process.

Contact Peter’s Pressure Washing Roof Cleaning Tampa Today

If you’re looking for an experienced company in Tampa to power wash your pavers before you apply a sealant, contact Peter’s Pressure Washing today for a free quote. We can help prepare your pavers so you can achieve a beautiful, high gloss sealant finish on your walkway or driveway.


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