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Paver Sealer: To Seal Or Not To Seal?

Paver Sealer: To Seal or Not To Seal?

As some of the leading roof cleaning Tampa experts, we at Peter’s Pressure Washing know how important it is to keep the areas around your home clean. Doing so will not only raise the curb appeal of your home, but it could also help you avoid certain problems caused by a buildup of dirt and debris.

Keeping your roof and gutters clean is important, but it’s also wise not to neglect any pavers around your home. Whether your entire driveway has pavers or you only have a small section of them in your yard, you may have noticed how quickly they become dirty. You have the option to invest in paver sealer, but is it the right choice for your property? Here’s what you should know about pavers and paver sealer before you make your decision.

What Are Pavers?

Pavers are stones that you can arrange in various artistic patterns. They are frequently utilized to create driveways, pathways, and small patios. Though they are most commonly composed of stone, they are also sometimes made of concrete or brick. Molds and colorings are popular for making concrete, and brick pavers look like natural stone.

Many homeowners use pavers to beautify the outsides of their homes and create attractive walkways. Since pavers tend to be flat on top, they are great for walking on.

What Are the Benefits of Pavers?

Benefits of Pavers roof cleaning Tampa

Beautifying and improving your home always yields positive results. In particular, pavers can offer a lot of benefits, including:

  • Versatility
  • Durability
  • Easy replacement options

Pavers are versatile because they come in so many different colors. It’s easy to choose a color that looks great with your overall home style and color palette. Additionally, pavers allow for a lot of creativity, and you can arrange them in any pattern or design you can think of.

Another benefit pavers offer is their durability. Pavers usually last for years without requiring replacement, as long as the initial installation gets done properly. They can handle frequent foot traffic and the weight of vehicles with ease.

Finally, pavers are very easy to replace, especially compared to concrete slabs used for driveways and walkways. If a single paver gets cracked, you can remove that paver and install a new one. There’s no need to rip up or refinish the entire walkway or driveway.

What Are the Drawbacks of Pavers?

Though pavers have a lot of benefits, they aren’t exempt from issues. Due to their many intricate patterns and the joints between them, pavers tend to get dirty easily. It isn’t easy to thoroughly clean a surface made from pavers unless you hire tile roof cleaning Tampa experts. Besides rooftops, we can also clean your pavers and return them to pristine condition.

How Can I Keep My Pavers Looking Great?

Once we pressure wash your pavers and get them sparkly clean, there are things you can do to keep them that way. In addition to regularly sweeping and rinsing them off, you may want to consider installing a paver sealer. This will provide long-term protection for your pavers.

What Is Paver Sealer?

Paver Sealer

Paver sealer is an oil-based acrylic sealer that offers exceptional protection for pavers. It’s a clear and glossy formula that provides a slightly wet-looking appearance. Paver sealer seals up the cracks between your pavers so dirt can’t get into them as easily. It also seals the visible surfaces of the pavers for long-lasting protection. Once you apply a paver sealer to your driveway or walkway, you’ll be able to keep it clean with just a simple spray of water from your garden hose. Alternatively, you can schedule pressure washing for your pavers every so often.

What Are the Benefits of Paver Sealer?

Paver sealer is a popular product because it delivers noticeable results. Here are the top benefits paver sealer can provide.

  • Improves paver lifespan
  • Provides a beautiful, glossy shine
  • Deters insects
  • Inhibits the growth of grass and weeds in paver joints
  • Repels stains, oil, and grime
  • Allows you to keep your pavers clean with minimal effort

These benefits explain why so many homeowners choose to use paver sealer on all the pavers around their homes.

How Can I Schedule My Paver Cleaning?  

As trusted Tampa roof cleaning experts, we’d love to clean your roof and your pavers as well. To schedule your appointment or claim a free estimate, contact us today.


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