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How Long Do Paver Sealers Last?

How Long Do Paver Sealers Last?

You’re combing through your backyard when you start to think about your paver sealer. “Spring is coming up fast. Won’t be long before I’m getting the pool ready for summer. Would I need a new paver sealer by then?” you wonder.

You did get a paver sealing a few years ago. And you’ve hosted many events since then. Pool parties, BBQs – your paver sealer survived them all. It didn’t even budge after the Great Sangria Spill of 2016. So is it time for a refresher? Or should you wait?

If you’ve had your pavers sealed or are about to get them sealed, read on to see how long a sealing lasts.

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Your paver sealer is fully cured when it’s no longer sticky.

paver sealer, paver sealing, pressure washing TampaAfter Paver Installation

Before we get into the lifespan of sealing, let’s first go over some facts. Paver sealer is usually applied after the pavers have been installed.

After your pavers have been sealed, it’s a good idea to let the sealer fully cure before walking/driving over it. If your sealer was in a driveway it’s best not to drive over it for at least 48 hours.

You’ll know the pavers are ready for activity when the sealer is no longer sticky or tacky. How long it takes to fully cure depends on a few factors. If the area is generally shaded then it might take more than a day. However, if it’s open and exposed to the sun it might take less time. Just be sure to observe the sticky rule and you’ll be ready to enjoy those pavers in no time.

Maintenancepaver sealer, paver sealing, pressure washing Tampa

As with anything you want to last, good maintenance is a must. Suppose you decide to host a little party and a guest spills some dip on your pavers. It happens at the best of parties. Make sure to clean it up quickly.

“But I thought the paver sealer protected against stains?” Yes, it can. But it does a better job of that if you clean messes as soon as they happen. The same goes for any grass growth around your pavers. Keep the grass and weeds in check to extend the life of your paver sealer. This is especially true for weeds. If not taken care off properly, the weeds can take root near your pavers making them harder to remove later on. If you really want to prevent weed growth, you can treat the area with weed killer.

You should also have a yearly pressure cleaning. This professional cleaning will remove any algae, mold, and mildew that’s started to grow over the year. It’s a perfect way to prolong the sealers life and freshen up your pavers look.

Proper maintenance will extend the life of your paver sealer.

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paver sealer, paver sealing, pressure washing TampaSo, Just How Long Does a Paver Sealer Last?

Your pavers should get resealed every 3-5 years. However, this all depends on how well maintained the area is, as well as sun exposure, traffic, and rain.

For instance, let’s say you happen to host a lot of parties one summer. You didn’t plan on becoming the go-to summer spot, it just happened that way. If that’s the case, you might need a new paver sealer sooner rather than later. It’s also best not to mix sealer brands. Mixing sealer brands not only voids the warranty of our sealer, but it also hurts the life span of your sealer.

On the other hand, less use could extend the life of your paver sealers. Let’s say you like to get out of the heat during the summer and travel to see family. If you get a yearly cleaning on top of that your paver sealers could last a long while. You could also install pergola over the sealed areas to protect them from the sun and ensure they last.

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