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Commercial Drone Cleaning

What is Drone Cleaning?

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have many uses. They can clean any building material, windows, roof, and gutters. The drones have a high or low-pressure nozzle that hitches them to a water source on the ground. In this case, they help clean areas you cannot access with a scaffold or lift.

Drone cleaning increases efficiency and leaves your exteriors sparkling clean. They also clean exterior surfaces. These include solar panels on the roof and hard-to-reach dirty windows.

Benefits of Using Cleaning Drones

Cleaning drones are revolutionizing cleaning in so many ways. Rather than having five people doing the work, you only need one pilot for the drone cleaning. It is also not a lengthy process moving from one area to another. Therefore, cleaning drones do the work in less time. Here are other benefits of using commercial drone cleaning.

  • It removes the risk of using lifts and scaffolds to access the roofs of tall buildings.
  • They provide thorough and efficient cleaning.
  • They complete jobs in less time than traditional washing.
  • You can use them on any building.
  • They are ideal for hard-to-reach surfaces on properties and buildings.

Take Your Cleaning to a New Level

Whether you like it or not, the appearance of your property impacts your business positively or negatively. You do not leave a good impression when your building has streaks and dirty windows. They detract from the image visitors, clients, and customers have of you. Commercial drone cleaning uses soft washing in addition to pressure washing technology. It allows you to deal with all kinds of dirt and contaminants.

How Does It Work?

The technology needs all pilots to have their FAA part 107 Drone operating license. They will also undergo training that will allow them to use drones to deliver cleaning efficiency. You will no longer need several people for the job, just one.

When cleaning, Peter’s Pressure Washing will obtain flight clearance. The cleaning drone will go up your building to clear your gutters or clean your solar panels. They will also incorporate the appropriate technology to clean different areas.

There are no more scaffolds to tear up your landscaping or bulky equipment. It is also easy to apply different techniques to achieve a deep and better clean.

Difference Between Soft Washing and Pressure Washing

The soft wash uses low-pressure and special chemicals to clean. The reason for using this process is to clean without damaging surfaces. You can also use it when window cleaning or on roofs and fences. It allows you to dislodge contaminants while preserving your building surfaces. It deals with all kinds the streaks, mildew, and algae on your building’s siding.

The pressure wash uses direct highly-compressed water to dislodge and remove contaminants. It can be harsh on some surfaces, although you can adjust the pounds per square inch (PSI). It can cause severe damage when window cleaning or on soft areas. Therefore, be careful when using it on wood siding or concrete newer than three years old.

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Drone cleaning is the future of cleaning, and it will sort all your residential, roof, and window cleaning needs. Peter’s Pressure Washing offers both commercial and residential cleaning in Tampa, FL, and its surrounding areas. Our heart of service ensures that whatever we do, whether window washing or gutter cleaning, is excellent.

We ensure that our staff has the best skills and training to provide the best service. You can check our technician profiles.

We aim to offer top-notch service that satisfies you, whether commercial or residential cleaning. Contact us today at (813) 455-3670 to book an appointment today.

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