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Best Pressure Washing Service in Tampa Bay

Very professional and great price

I called Peter’s Pressure Washing and was immediately given an appointment that day! The men arrived on time in a well labeled truck. They did a fantastic job pressure washing my driveway and sidewalks. Very professional and great price....

Paula L.

I am extremely happy

I am extremely happy with the results. I never thought I'd see my porch/walkway get this clean. It looks like it did 15yrs ago when I bought my home. Thank you! 2 thumbs up and I'd give more stars if I could!

Jill F.

Top notch service

Peter's pressure washing offered top notch service from initial contact and after work was completed. I am very satisfied with their service. Yes, you may be able to find a random pressure washing company on Craig's list for $20 less, but quality of ...

Marta N.

It was a wonderful experience

From the time we called them to set up an appointment to the time the job was complete it was a wonderful experience. We had the driveway, entryway, public sidewalk, lower areas of the house and the back porch spray washed. I would and will use Peter...

Brent B.

I highly recommend them!

Peter and his crew were fantastic. I highly recommend them! They did an excellent job cleaning our three-story log house, detached garage, driveway and stone fence columns--all for a reasonable price. They were polite, professional and punctual....

Nathan S.

You truly are PROFESSIONALS!

What an AMAZING job Matthew did Wednesday morning on my driveway pavers. And what a PLEASANT specialist to work with. If you have signs for advertising in my yard I would be happy to give my approval. My pavers look better than when they were first i...

Karen M.

Peters pressure washing was great!

Peters pressure washing was great! Kevin gave me a quick quote over the phone and they were out by the end of the week! The men that came out did a great job and even came back when I saw a couple spots after it dried for no charge! Very nice company...

Taylor D.

Very happy to have found this company

They did such an excellent job pressure washing my pool cage and furniture that I called them again today to do the windows of my house. I did not realize how much they are capable of and how professional everyone is and when they leave, everything i...

Lisa Y.

Their personnel are friendly and competent

We have used Peter's pressure Washing twice now for our pool screens and lanai as well as our driveway. They are very reliable, professional, fair in price and they do a great job! Their personnel are friendly and competent. We look forward to our ne...

Cathy B.

Great Results!

I had Peter's Pressure Washing clean my lanai cage after I had seen what they had done for my neighbors. I'm real happy with the completed project. Kevin answered all my questions when he returned my call, I liked the text reminder, and the text lett...


Exceeded every expectation

Pete’s Pressure Washing exceeded every expectation from customer service, to professionalism, to the cleaning and sealing itself. The new pavers on our patio look amazing and I know they will be protected in the Florida weather.

Steve Fidrych

Excellent experience!

Good staff and fair pricing. Took time to explain the job and their process. Very happy with the results. Had a small issue that they immediately thanked me for providing feedback and insisted on fully correcting it to make it right. Not often I have...

James Organ

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Pressure Washing Services
Tampa, Florida

Since 2012, Peter’s Pressure Washing has had a heart to serve Tampa Bay with excellence. Our clean-cut technicians show up with state-of-the-art equipment and a smile on their face. We are dependable, courteous, and highly skilled in our trade. We are setting the bar in our industry, and holding ourselves to a very high standard.

Peters Pressure Washing, Tampa, was established with the specific goal of helping property owners, residential and commercial, protect and preserve their investment from the harsh Florida climate. We offer a wide range of pressure washing services, from paver sealing to paver restoration, roof cleaning, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning services.

These Florida climates can prematurely age the appearance and safety of your property.  Property owners replace roofs, siding, fences, decks and paint far too many times before they even try to revive them.  As property owner ourselves, we realize the importance of keeping up with your property’s appearance and making it look pristine.

We offer every level of convenience to our clients including live same-day emailed estimates, paperless online bill pay, text message appointment reminders, technician profiles, and recurring appointments. We believe we are the best value for your home, and look forward to the opportunity to serve you. For more information, select one of our services below!

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Residential Pressure Washing

Residential Pressure Washing

Residential Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing

Residential Pressure Washing

Residential Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing

Residential Pressure Washing

Residential Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washing

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We deliver value to our customers in both residential and commercial pressure washing services. We use state-of-the-art equipment, the best chemicals, and expert knowledge to provide the highest level of service.

Paver Sealing
and Restoration

This important investment will protect your pavers value, enhance their beauty, and simplify maintenance. We seal and restore pavers using a high end sealer called ICT Ure-Seal H20. It’s more than just a product, it’s a system.

Safe Non-Pressure
Roof Cleaning

Safe roof cleaning is a chemical application that delivers immediate night and day results. Keeping your roof clean will make it last longer, lower your cooling bill, and of course boost the curb appeal of your home.

pressure washing Tampa


Gutter system clean-out includes removal of debris, gutter flushing, and downspout jetting. Performing this maintenance regularly will help avoid costly damage caused by poor drainage.

Window-Cleaning | Peter's Pressure Washing


We clean exterior windows up to four stories safely from the ground using the most advanced method in the industry. We offer one time or recurring scheduled window cleaning packages.


Rust stains develop from irrigation water, fertilizer, battery acid, and a number of other causes. We treat these stains based on the source and often achieve 100% rust removal in the affected area.

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Pressure Washing FAQs

Roof Washing in Tampa

Well, this is a question that has many variables and there’s not one clear answer. If the roofing material on your house is concrete, then we recommend you do NOT pressure wash your roof. That said, if you’re trying to get rid of any algae or mold on your roof (which can’t be scraped off), then pressure washing may be an option for you…depending on the condition of the surface below.

If there are cracks, loose shingles/tar paper, stitches coming up out of the seams (especially along ridge-lines), water penetration through flashing joints or other openings on slab roofs make make it impossible to pressure spray without causing damage to the building itself -further inspection needed.

This information was provided to us from Joshua from Brown’s Pressure Washing in Nashville, TN.

A power washer is a great option for cleaning your driveway and will do the job much better than any other method. One of the most beneficial aspects about nozzles is that they produce a high pressure, low volume amount of water which decreases the spray’s propensity to bounce off your surface and causes more force against it. Furthermore, unlike soap or dish-washing liquid that must be scrubbed in order to clean, when using hot water (140+ Fahrenheit) all you need to do is use a nozzle and run it at least five minutes.

When choosing how many gallons per minute you want in your machine, remember that higher amounts require more gas usage and also make for louder noise, but clean much faster.

Hire the right pressure washing business for the job!

Special thanks to David at Firehouse Pressure Washing for this great insight!

The frequency of house pressure washing all depends on the environment and conditions of your house and property, and can vary from once a year to several times per week – but we recommend you aim for at least once per year.

We offer a wide range of services tailored to fit your personal needs, not just that extra-large driveway! If you’re looking for more than just a one-time wash, we also offer professional cleaning and detailed power washing packages. Contact us today for more information about our maintenance plan! Our friendly staff is always happy to assist in finding the best package for your home or business.

Thanks to Pink Pro Wash for providing us this fantastic information.

Spring Preparation Pressure Washing Services | Peter’s Pressure Washing

How often should you wash your house?

A quality cleaning business has a website, an active social media presence, and is willing to answer any questions you have. They should also give you references from previous customers. Ask for these references ahead of time before paying them or checking their online reviews online.

Thanks to A Plus Power Washing in New Jersey for providing this answer!

Spring Preparation Pressure Washing Services | Peter’s Pressure Washing

Pressure washing pavers

Pressure washing pavers is a process that not only cleans them but can provide additional benefits such as an immediate, hands-on assessment of the overall condition of the pavement. The last thing you want to do is use coarse sandpaper or stone cleaner to clean and expose your high quality paver materials due to risk of damaging it even more.

It’s much better for you and your pavers if you seal them first with a commercial, all-inclusive paver sealer (like Armour Paver Sealer) before performing any pressure washing. This keep those expensive pavers looking fresh and long lasting by preventing scratches that lead into cracks in existing joints like asphalt paving sealing does.

Thanks to Stingray Sealing Services in Sarasota, FL for this great information!

Soft washing is a very effective way to clean your house exterior.

Soft wash works by spraying large volumes of water onto the surface to be cleaned, and then soaking it for a minute or two before using a cleaning solution mixed with fresh hot water to scrub away stains. The molecules of dirt become so tightly bonded with the surface after being soaked in warm soapy liquid that they can be easily removed without any heavy scrubbing from brushes. In this manner this type of cleaning will work even on surfaces like brick and concrete, which are not too accessible for normal cleaners and need an aggressive cleaning regimen like hand scraping and wire brushing before you can move on to wetting them down with solvents.

Thanks to Blue Flamingo Soft Wash for answering this question!

If your siding is vinyl, the best way to clean it is with a pressure washer using a low-pressure setting. The water can flow under the siding because of gravity and wash grass, dirt, mold, moss spores and other outdoor debris away from where they’re clinging. Plus, powerful spray guns will help loosen any grime that’s been caked on for years!

Check this out if you would like to learn more about pressure washing siding!

This answer was provided by Moore’s Pressure Washing, you can learn more about them here:

It’s no secret that pressure washing businesses are feeling the squeeze these days. With the rise of online marketing, many companies are finding it difficult to keep up with the competition. But there is some good news: hiring a local search expert can help you get your business back on track.

Local search experts know how to list your business in all the major online directories, as well as how to optimize your website for local keywords. In addition, they can help you create targeted online ads that reach potential customers in your area. With their help, you’ll be able to compete with the big boys and get your pressure washing company back on top. So don’t wait – contact a local search expert today and see what they can do for your power washing company!

Peters Pressure Washing is happy to use Collaborate Pros as our local expert. You should give them a try!

Roof washing is something you should consider every year or two. Roofs often age and dust accumulates on them, so water doesn’t flow as effectively, and the roof will gradually leak and cause more damage to your home. Choosing a roof cleaning company can be an overwhelming task, but one important consideration is that they use eco-friendly detergents that won’t harm the environment by flowing into the local rivers during rainstorms. It’s worth investing in some environmentally friendly window cleaners as well.

Special thanks to Revive Power Wash for sharing this answer!

Power washing is the process of spraying hot water mixed with detergent onto a surface to clean it. Pressure washing uses high-pressure water that can cause damage if precautions are not taken, so most power washers advertise that they are not pressure washers. Generally, pressure washer will have settings for different levels of power and force. The heat generated by power washing does most of the cleaning, making for less physically demanding work than using a pressure cleaner to achieve results.

If you’d like to learn more about power washing vs pressure washing check out our blog!

This answer was given to us by:

One of the most effective ways to clean your patio is by power washing it. power washing concrete patio will remove any dirt, grime, or debris that may have built up on the surface. If you have a brick patio, be sure to use a cleaner that is designed for this type of material. Depending on the surface you have, you may need to moderate the pressure so you don’t damage your surface. You may also want to consider sealing your patio after it has been cleaned to help protect it from the elements.

Thanks to Paver Protectors for sharing this information on how to clean your patio!

Pressure washing roof shingles is not recommended because you could damage them. A better option is soft washing, which uses a low-pressure water and detergent to clean the surface without harming the shingles.

Special thanks to Indy Roofers Indianapolis for sharing how to properly care for your roof!

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