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Ultimate Guide To Driveway Maintenance

Ultimate Guide to Driveway Maintenance

Wondering whether you need driveway cleaning services?

Well, you see daily how much load your driveway bears every week. Your cars going in and out leave their tire marks or drop fluid or oil along the way. You have seasonal damage from temperature fluctuations, rainfall, and thunderstorms. And not to mention, the foot traffic of family members, pets, and playing children is a factor.

Inevitably, driveways are one of the most used areas in your homes and yet, are often overlooked. Unless you notice a crack or a stain, you rarely consider its maintenance.

That’s why driveway cleaning services help you take good care of your hard-working driveways.

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What You Need to Know About Concrete Drivewaysdriveway cleaning services

One of the best features of a concrete driveway is how robust it stays over its lifetime. Yet, there is no driveway – concrete included – that doesn’t need some basic driveway maintenance to preserve its life and appearance.

If you tend to notice some pesky weeds or have frequent rains that seep in and crack your driveway wide open, you need help. We bring you some vital tips to keep your driveway clean and beautiful:

Clean it and Seal it

Clean your concrete driveway from time to time and keep it sealed for best results. The frequency of cleaning and sealing depends on the weather and driveway traffic. On average, you should reseal every 3-4 years or when you notice wear and tear.

Sealing also helps to protect your driveway from any harmful chemicals. When you notice any stains on the driveway, it is best to clean them ASAP to prevent long-term damage.

Quick Stain Removal driveway cleaning services

Some stains may go unnoticed for a while and stick around for long. In such cases, you need driveway cleaning services to help you out with pressure washing.

Your sealer might help prevent stain absorption, but oil, grease, or other spills can still make their way onto your driveway. If your concrete tends to discolor, pressure washing is a great way to ensure a clean and safe driveway.

Repair the Cracks

Sometimes, small cracks don’t seem like a big deal. But they can lead to bigger issues down the road. Weeds may start growing in your driveway’s cracks and it may also absorb more water, contributing to further damage.

Get your cracks repaired at the earliest time possible to maintain your driveway for the long term.

Asphalt Drivewaysdriveway cleaning services

They are a beautiful addition to your home’s exteriors, but they need timely maintenance and care. Whether it is sealing, cleaning, or power washing, you need a proper routine to care for your driveway. Asphalt driveways last as long as 12 to 35 years, depending on the climate and the care.

Things to keep in mind if you’ve recently installed an asphalt driveway:

  • Opt for timely repairs whenever you notice a problem
  • Seal the driveway every 3-5 years to protect your investment
  • If you’re experiencing extreme heat, parking in the driveway can lead to permanent tire marks
  • Keep dumpsters, moving trucks, and heavy equipment away from asphalt driveways
  • A sealcoat will protect your driveway from the harsh Florida sun

driveway cleaning services

Caring for Your Driveway

Sealing Is Healing

When you install an asphalt driveway, it will look stunning. Sooner or later, you’ll start noticing small cracks. This happens due to exposure to various elements.

The cracks can allow moisture to seep in and reduce the lifespan of your driveway. Regular sealing of the driveway will boost its life and its appearance.

Cleaning Is Caringdriveway cleaning services

Many homeowners choose asphalt driveways, as the dark color tends to hide imperfections. Yet, some people neglect cleaning the driveways of debris and leaves, which can lead to stains. When leaves decompose in the fall, they cause a lot of trouble to your driveway.

Rather than opting for DIY power washing, consult driveway cleaning services to help you with the best pressure washing. They will protect your asphalt and deep-clean it, making it as good as new. Even if you have some oil spills on the driveway, consider pressure washing to clean it at the earliest.

Drainage Prevents Breakage

Standing water on the driveway is a huge threat. Ensure there is a proper drainage system that eliminates water from collecting on your driveway. Though driveways appear flat, they do have a slight grade for better drainage.

Also, keep your gutter spouts pointed away from the driveway. This way, the rain water will not accumulate and cause damage to your driveway.

A year-round maintenance plan can prevent accidents and keep your driveways clean and beautiful. Opt for regular cleaning, sealing, and crack repairs. And don’t forget to choose driveway cleaning services for an enhanced curb appeal.

Peter’s Pressure Washing Cleans Your Driveway!

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