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5 Factors That Will Affect The Total Roof Washing Cost

5 Factors That will Affect the Total Roof Washing Cost

When it comes time to wash your roof, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider before settling on a price. The size of your roof, the type of material it’s made out of, and the difficulty of getting to the roof all play a part in how much the roof washing cost. Here are the five factors that will affect the total cost.

  1. The size of your roof

Roofs come in all shapes, sizes, and steepness. A big, steep roof will cost more than a smaller, flatter one to wash. Also, the amount of time it takes to clean the roof is based on its size, so remember to factor in how long you want the job to take when considering pricing quotes. The larger the project’s area, the higher the price must be accordingly. 

before roof washing

Before Roof Washing

  1. The material of your roof

The type of material used to make your roof will also affect how much it will cost to wash. Tile roofs are more prone to algae growth and can get dirty quickly, so they’ll cost a bit more because there’s a higher risk of damage during cleaning. Metal roofs need special clothes that won’t scratch them, which costs a little extra as well. Some roofs may also have pine needles stuck in between tiles or stones on them, which makes them harder to clean and takes more time than other types of roofs would take – so expect higher prices for those jobs too.

  1. How accessible is the roof?

The roof must be accessible to the cleaning crew for them to wash it. If there are a lot of trees or other obstructions around your house, it’s going to make the job more difficult and may even increase the price because of that.

  1. What is being done?

There are two types of roof washing jobs: at rest and in active growth. You’ll likely pay less if you only want algae removed from between tiles or stones on your roof because that’s easier than removing all of the algae from your entire roof, which can be quite costly. “At rest” simply means that the spores have stopped growing, whereas “inactive growth” means that they’re present but not actively spreading throughout your roof at the time of the cleaning.

After Roof Washing

After Roof Washing

  1. Additional services available

Some cleaners may offer additional services like grout and tile sealing or power-washing of your driveway, sidewalks, and deck before they start the roof cleaning. Usually, this service is very affordable because it’s priced with supplies included rather than labor, but you should make sure that the supply cost isn’t included in the roof washing price as well (most companies will list this separately).

Of these five factors, pricing normally depends on how accessible the roof is to workers and what kind of material was used to build it – followed by its size. 

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If you want all of your tiles removed for a proper deep clean, then you will end up paying more than if only algae between stones were required for example. If you are looking for the best roof washing company in Tampa, FL with reasonable prices then feel free to contact us.