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Power Wash Roof Cost

Power Wash Roof Cost

Power Wash Roof Cost: What’s Included?

Soft washing with a low setting on a power washer is a great way to clean it and remove any built-up dirt, grime, or moss. But how much power wash roof cost? And what should you expect from the process?

Soft washing a roof is becoming more and more popular. Professionals will charge high for the service, depending on the size of your roof and how much cleaning needs to be done. You can also try looking for pressure washing businesses that offer flat-rate pricing: Pay one price and get your roof power washed, gutter cleaned, driveway pressure-washed—you name it!

It’s important to find out when you call if they work with your insurance company because most likely they will! They’ll ask about any existing damage to the roof, and then they’ll give you an estimate. Prices can also change depending on how many layers of moss are on your roof. If there’s only one layer, it may be significantly less expensive than having multiple layers of moss removed. So make sure to get an estimate before allowing anyone onto your roof!

before power wash roof cost

power wash roof

Before you hire someone to come out and clean your roof, check with family and friends to see who they recommend, also read online reviews. Do a bit of research on the companies they suggest, and be sure to compare prices. Try not to skimp on price: You want to make sure that whoever is coming out will do a good job and leave you satisfied with their work. After all, this person will be up on top of your home!

Here’s what you can expect from the process:

  • The individual safely secures himself or herself (by wearing straps attached to the side of the house) before beginning any type of pressure washing 
  • Spray your roof with water and detergent.
  • Applies a special solution to help clean your roof.
  • Sprays off the roof again with plain water to rinse it down.
  • If moss is present, another application of a different chemical may be applied in order to kill off some of the moss.
  • When everything has been done, a second person on the ground will hose down any large debris that falls from or onto your roof—usually, this would be leaves blown over by wind/falling from nearby trees

It takes around two hours the process of cleaning the roof. This depends completely upon how bad it is—if there’s lots of dirt or moss covering the roof, it could take up to a full day for the roof to dry. Once it’s clean and dry, you’ll want to check for any damage before moving on with the next steps of re-shingling or repairing the roof.

After power wash roof cost

After power wash roof

The question that arises in mind. Is power wash could be harmful to our roof or garden? It’s recommended to do soft wash instead of power wash because soft washing is gentler on shingles and roof tiles.

You can expect your roof to be significantly cleaner after having it soft-washed. Your roof will also have a longer life span because of how clean it is from all of that built-up moss and grime! Plus, calluses from fungus tend to stick better when they’re wet—and after being soft-washed, there’s less chance of them sticking around in the future.

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While this seems like a pricey service, cleaning a roof isn’t cheap. But what price do you put on safety? Sometimes, safety concerns are the only things that should go into play when determining whether or not to get something done. Not getting your roof cleaned can be incredibly dangerous for everyone around you! It’s definitely worth it to pay what you need to save property and lives. Contact to professional pressure washing company to get started.

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