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Power Washing Prices

Power Washing Prices

Tips to Understanding Power Washing Prices

If you’ve ever done any research on power washing prices, you know that they can vary substantially by company and area. For instance, in some areas of the country it may cost just $200 for a homeowner with an average-sized house to have their home power washed while in other areas of the country it could cost upwards of $5,000 or more! And all that money usually doesn’t include additional fees like water usage charges or dumpster rental fees if needed. So how do you get your arms around all this information, so you don’t overpay?

Services can costs about $0.75 – $1.50 per square foot, which works out to anywhere from $875 for a 1,500 sqft home up to about $2,800 for a 6,000 sqft single-family home or duplex. However, prices can vary widely by location. For example, some services near the beach might charge more to cover the cost of equipment corrosion. Here is a neat video of how some companies might estimate your home.

However, it is possible to power wash a home with your own equipment for about $200 – $500 if you have access to a pressure washer and are willing do some manual labor yourself. First-timers should consider hiring an experienced professional who will include this service in their overall bid and give you advice on how to take care of your exterior afterward. If you’re doing it yourself, be prepared for at least 6 hours of hard work!

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Power washing costs tend to skyrocket when companies use high-pressure (4,000 psi or above) water injection. In these instances, you’re looking at a price of about $0.25 – $0.50 per square foot. This method can be effective for removing stubborn dirt and mold on horizontal surfaces like patios, decks, roofs and more… but it’s not necessarily the safest way to go about it! of how much power washing costs in your area, read on as we demystify this process step by step.

Pressure washing prices can depend on the area, type of house or apartment you are pressure washing, and other factors. For example, if you have very stubborn stains, it may take more than 1

session to remove them. The severity of difficulty will determine the price. For small homes, you can expect the cost to be about $100 for a 15-minute session; however, if you live in an apartment complex requiring hours of detailed cleaning, opt for the hourly price.


For example, you can get pressure washing prices at .

  • Type of house or apartment (apartment complex)
  • Size (square footage)
  • Number of stories
  • Pest problems (mold, mildew)
  • Stage of development (new construction vs existing home)
  • Accessibility (not all power washers are created equally)

You will need to know your location to determine what area companies service. You can also estimate pricing using online calculators, but it’s best to call around for exact quotes.

As always, check with your homeowner’s insurance company to determine if pressure washing damage is covered under your policy. Most companies do not cover damages caused by pressure washing unless you have a master or umbrella policy. You should also protect against water damage that can occur after the job is complete. Renting a tarp will provide some protection, especially if you plan on removing siding or decking material prior to cleaning your home exterior. If felled trees are in the way of the power washing process, ask about additional fees associated with their removal and replacement costs. Be sure the contractor has equipment liability coverage of at least $1 million as well as worker’s compensation before signing anything!

The cost of pressure washing can depend on many factors. The severity of the stains, whether you live in an apartment complex or single-family home, and how accessible your property is to power washers are just some examples that will affect what it costs to have your house power washed. If all this sounds intimidating and you want help enacting these principles, let us know!

Power washing prices

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