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How Often Do I Need Tile Roof Cleaning In Tampa?

How Often Do I Need Tile Roof Cleaning in Tampa?

Whether you’re trying to add curbside appeal or simply want your home to look more beautiful when you come home, your roof deserves some TLC. Tile roofing has plenty of benefits. It can be made to look like slate, shake, or wood shingle roofing, it has a long life expectancy, and it handles harsh weather better than most other options. However, like any roofing, a tile roof sometimes needs roof cleaning Tampa.

Signs You Need To Clean Your Roof

There are some signs that your Tampa, Florida, home’s roof could use a good cleaning. First, you’ll probably notice moss on the roof. Florida’s warm temperatures, damp weather, and high humidity create the perfect trifecta for growth. When moss stays on the tile for too long, it begins to trap moisture, which can cause deterioration and even more expensive problems down the line.

Maybe you don’t see moss, but you’re noticing black streaks on the roof as you pull into your driveway. This is likely mold, and like moss, it can wreak havoc on your roofing over time. Even if you’re lucky enough not to see mold or moss on your roof, that doesn’t mean it is appealing to the eye. If you notice your roofing looks darker in color or simply seems dirty to you, it is time to call a professional cleaner.

How Often You Should Clean Your Tile Roofing

Signs You Need To Clean Your Roof

Tile roofing has excellent longevity, but only if you care for it with a routine cleaning and maintenance schedule. Because of the dampness and humidity in the area, Tampa roof cleaning should occur at least once per year. If the weather is harsher than average, or if you notice any of the symptoms above before your next annual cleaning, you may need to do it twice in a year. By sticking to a cleaning schedule, you can keep a closer eye on your roof’s tiles, replacing them as needed to ensure the roof lasts for decades to come.

The Tile Roof Cleaning Process

Tile roof cleaning Tampa follows a strict process to ensure the job is done safely, accurately, and thoroughly. The first step is to use a power washer. The high-pressure stream of water removes leaves and twigs, dead insects, and other visible dirt and debris.

Once the roof is dry from the power washing, it will be time to turn the pressure down and use cleaning chemicals. The cleaning agents need to work their way into your roof for at least a few minutes, although some people prefer to leave them until they dry. The wait time allows the chemicals to dissolve mold spores and remove ground-in dirt.

After the chemicals do their job, you must rinse them off. If your roof was filthy, this could be the longest part of the cleaning process. The pressure washer should be at full force and aimed at the stains, starting at the top of the roof and working toward the lower portion.

Most of the debris that comes from your roof is likely to end up in your gutters, so they’ll need a thorough cleaning as well. Never leave dirt and leaves in the gutters. Doing so prevents them from moving water away from your home properly and can cause the ground around it to erode.

The final step of the cleaning process is to buff the roofing tiles. This step is up close and personal, giving the person cleaning the roof a chance to inspect for damage. Buffing also prepares tile for sealing and repainting, if necessary.

Once your roof is spotless, you can repair small issues found during the buffing process. Never ignore even minor problems, as they often become larger ones that usually cause leaks. After repairs are complete, seal and paint your tiles, if desired.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Tile Roof Cleaning Process

We always recommend hiring a professional for roof cleaning in Tampa. Roofing experts are knowledgeable and experienced in cleaning all types of tile roofing. Our team uses professional-grade tools and cleaning chemicals to ensure we get the cleanest roof possible while maintaining its integrity. Working with a professional is safer as well. Walking around on a roof and using professional equipment is dangerous for someone who has not been properly trained, and could even lead to injury.

Don’t leave your roof looking dirty, dingy, and out of place compared to the rest of your beautiful home. Let us help you get your tile roof summer-ready with our professional services. Contact Peter’s Pressure Washing to learn more about our tile roof cleaning in Tampa.


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