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6 Tampa Roof Cleaning Facts You Need To Know About Using Pressure Washing Services

6 Tampa Roof Cleaning Facts You Need To Know About Using Pressure Washing Services

There are regular home maintenance tasks every homeowner must perform each year, and Tampa roof cleaning is one of them. Peter’s Pressure Washing can help by whisking away the grit and grime to preserve your roof’s life. We can also remove the seeds of moss and algae to restore the material’s natural color. For homes near water and sand, it may cause severe damage by settling into the roof’s cracks and crannies. That is why washing the sand away at least once a year is essential. Here are some facts you need to know about using a pressure washing service for your roof cleaning Tampa.

1. Green Plants Cause Damage

Green Plants Cause DamageAlgae and moss can easily damage your home’s roof because they are living structures. The spores are almost invisible, but as they grow, the plants send tendrils down into the shingles. The roots feed off the limestone and glue used to create the roofing materials. Tile roofs are also at risk, and the surface needs to be washed yearly to prevent growth. The voracious seeds and spores can settle down between the tiles and establish a rooting system. Our power washing specialist can remove green plants, spores, and seeds. The washing can help prevent premature deterioration of your roof, too.

2. Different Roofs, Different Care

There are several types of water pressure used for roof cleaning because not all materials are created equally. Older homes need a softer touch, while commercial roofing often requires a harder water pressure to remove the grime. We also have different types of washing solutions and chemicals for cleaning a variety of surfaces. Our staff has the tools and experience to know how to handle the dirt on any roof – including yours.

3. Trust Skilled Professional Washers

There is a group of individuals called DIYers that will try to do anything and everything on their own. While it may look like a good idea to rent a power washer and attempt tile roof cleaning Tampa by yourself, don’t. Roofing materials can be slippery when wet, and that makes the tiles dangerous, especially those that have a steep incline. Our team is specially trained to know how to navigate loose tiles, stray shingles, or tricky ladders. We also know which cleaning fluids and disinfectants to use on your roof to clean and protect it.

4. Debris Damages Roofing Fabric

Debris Damages Roofing FabricIf you look around your neighborhood and see specks of green on the roofs of nearby homes, you can bet you have some moss, algae, or mold growing on the roof of your house. Don’t wait until you can see large clumps of green growth before you call us. Let us dislodge and remove the small growths before they can weaken the shingles or tiles. Removing leaves, grasses, and other debris from your roof can also prevent the growth of seeds or other contaminants.

5. Roof Cleaning Is an Investment

Your home protects you from all types of weather, so when you invest in a roof cleaning service, you are investing in your home. Storms can bring in chemicals, mold spores, tiny seeds, and grungy grime willing to thrive on your home. The thicker the grime buildup, the more trapped moisture there is to feed the spores and seeds. We know what to look for and how to remove that grime and the invading seeds. So, when you call us for a Tampa roof cleaning, we can help you invest in your roof’s long future.

6. Other Services Are Available

There are many parts to your roof that sometimes get overlooked when cleaning begins. Eaves, flashings, chimneys, and soffits are all potential areas that grime, grit, and debris can collect. We have more than eight years of experience and know where to look for those hidden problems. We can also clean out the gutters attached to your roof, your deck’s sunshade, and your gazebo.

Invest in your home today with yearly maintenance for your roof. Here at Peter’s Pressure Washing, we can keep your roof mold, moss and debris free with a roof cleaning Tampa. If you have any questions, give us a call at (813)455-3670 and ask about our services. We will be glad to arrange a time that is convenient for you. We can also clean your siding, decking, and driveway.


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