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Will Pressure Washing Remove Rust?

Will Pressure Washing Remove Rust?

Yes, you got it right, pressure washing services can remove all the rust around various surfaces. Whether it is on your patio, a commercial building or on  metal surfaces – battling rust isn’t easy.

Just imagine that it’s a beautiful morning and you decide to host a brunch for your friends. Unfortunately, the rust on the concrete welcomes them before you do!

Rust can be irritating, hazardous and difficult to remove. Not to mention, rust stains are ugly.

Let’s discuss options to get rid of the rust around your property:

rust removal services, pressure washing services

What Causes Rust Stains?rust removal services, pressure washing services

There are many reasons why you will find rust stains on your concrete. And most of them involve water.

  • In case there is constant contact between metal and concrete and the metal is often wet, rust is bound to appear.
  • There are certain natural stones with rust elements that come in contact with your concrete with water. This can lead to immense concrete staining.
  • If you have a leaking battery acid or fertilizer over-spray, it can lead to rust.
  • Other things like radiator drip, rusty patio furniture, and water from your sprinkler irrigation  also rusts your outdoors.One of the best things you can do to avoid rust stains is ensuring water drainage and sealing all your concrete surfaces. Make sure water isn’t resting on the concrete for long. If there are any leaks that come in contact with metal that touches your concrete, it’s time to fix them first.

Rust in Commercial Settingsrust removal services, pressure washing services

Though homeowners often complain about rust, commercial property owners and facility managers have a much bigger problem. Rust is a pervasive corrosion that shows up almost everywhere. And since industries and businesses use metals and water on large scales, all external structures are prone to rust.

In case of brick and concrete, rust stains are difficult to tackle. If you have a metal building, you might have noticed rust come up from a crevice and spreading across the length of a wall.

Before you know it, it ends up on your door, porch and almost everywhere else. It tends to eat metal until there is nothing left to eat and can be a safety hazard for your employees.


rust removal services, pressure washing services

rust removal services, pressure washing servicesPressure Washing Removes All Rust

Commercial cleaning experts vouch for pressure washing services as their high power and latest cleaning features can blast away all the rust.

Pressure washers are also effective to remove paint layers from metals.

The great machines deliver amazing pressure levels and a high flow rate, which helps in removing the tough rust stains.

Some pressure washers at leading professional rust removal services offer 6500 PSI pressure levels and an 8 GPM flow rate, making it easy to remove rust and corrosion.

Moreover, professional pressure washing services are experts at cleaning stubborn rust stains using safe solutions.

DIY vs. Professionals rust removal services, pressure washing services

When you buy off-the-shelf rust removers, they might have lots of chemicals. Thus causing more harm than good. The acid can strip your concrete of its cement paste and cause an etch around the stain. This might cause permanent damage to your surface.

The technicians who offer state-of-the-art rust removal services can treat your stains as per the cause. In fact, they can restore your surface as per its original look. You can choose the service based on your needs – one-time treatment, a special service for an event, or periodic services from time to time.

Rather than learning the knack of pressure washing, buying all the equipment and taking a big risk with your surface, choose professional help. Whether it’s a garage, driveway or a fence, professionals can handle it backed by their experience and knowledge.

Remove Rust From Large Areasrust removal services, pressure washing services

When you want to remove rust from bigger areas like industrial walls or building façade, there isn’t any alternative as good as pressure washing.

Opting for manual or mechanical brushing may not work due to the bad surface coverage. Also, it can be expensive. But pressure washing cleans the surface faster and cheaper.

Furthermore, it prepares your surface for a new paint. You don’t need any extra blasting materials that can increase your costs and hassles. It also reduces the disposal issues of blasting materials like glass beads, bicarbonates and other hazardous chemicals.

In most cases, you can expect 100% stain removal with pressure washing. Yet, sometimes, the technicians might have to see the stain before they can assure you about your concerns of rust stain removal.

Bid Goodbye to Rust with Peter’s Pressure Washing Services

At Peter’s Pressure Washing, our team of experts can offer rust removal services at affordable prices. We use safe and skillful methods along with the right chemicals that don’t cause any further damage. Call us today for a free quote at 813-455-3670.

rust removal services, pressure washing services

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