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Surfaces It’s Safe To Pressure Wash

Surfaces it’s Safe to Pressure Wash

When you’re looking for pressure washing services, you might wonder what all can you clean? The satisfaction of watching all grime and gunk clean off a surface with water can tempt you to use these on different places.

However, in reality, if you use pressure washing on the wrong surfaces, it can lead to costly damages. The powerful stream of water can damage paint, etch wood or even scratch some kinds of stone.

Here we bring you a safety guide to know what surfaces need pressure washing and when your scrub and garden hose are enough.

Driveways pressure washing services

If you have concrete driveways, you can opt for pressure washing services as it can withstand the load without any damage. An experienced company will use a finer nozzle to spot-clean all the greasy stains on your driveway.

Due to the continuous flow of cars in your driveway, a lot of dirt can accumulate in due time. If you notice stains, grease, sticky mud and more on your driveways, it may be time to opt for pressure washing.

pressure washing servicesSideways & Walkways

Your walkway is often the first impression your guests will get of your homes. Similarly, sideways leading to the backyard and the surrounding of your building can impress your guests when they are clean.

Concrete or brick sideways, walkways and curbing are safe for pressure washing. All the mold, algae, grime and dirt stick in the surfaces will vanish with the right technique of pressure washing! The sparkle and shine of clean and fresh entrances will delight everyone who comes to your home, including your family members.


Patios & Deckspressure washing services

Love partying in your patios and decks during the spring and summer? Yet, when winters come along, they get neglected and miss all your attention. Before the next outdoor season, choose pressure washing to clean without any harmful chemicals.

You can get rid of all the dirt and grime with water and look forward to another season of chilling with your friends outside. If your patios are stone or hardwood, they are safe to pressure wash. Meanwhile, in case you have a different deck, you should check the terms of warranty before you pressure wash.


It is safe to pressure wash fiber cement, vinyl, and wood clapboard siding. If you own a home or a business space with an aluminum siding, pressure washing services will clean it with the lowest nozzle for zero damage.

In case there are some problem areas, your washer service will use concentrated blasts. It is important to spray away from the painted walls or else, there is a chance of striping away the paint. As a matter of fact, you can clean flaking paint from your siding easily using a pressure wash.

Parking Lotspressure washing services

Whether it’s a residential parking lot or a commercial one, it is bound to get dirty. There are grease stains due to car discharge, and a lot of grime and dirt that needs removal. For this reason, parking lots make perfect candidates for pressure washing.

Hot and cold machines can handle the tough tasks of cleaning your parking lots and making them as good as new. Building managers can also examine the parking garages, above and below ground. If you think they are dull and dingy, call pressure washing services today.

Professionals will pre-treat the asphalt surfaces for all the oil stains. Later, a hot water machine with safe chemicals will take care of all the tough stains.


pressure washing services

Many homeowners and business owners opt for wood around their property for its aesthetic appeal. Yet, cleaning wood can be a hassle for many. Whether you have wood fences, partitions or portions around your building, it can be easy to clean it using pressure washing.

After the right service, your wood will look as good as new and its original color will be visible again. Not to mention, all the dirt buildup will disappear for good!

Signage & Loading Docks pressure washing services

These surfaces often go unnoticed during a cleaning plan, but need the attention and care from facility managers. Building signage can get dirty due to its constant exposure to changing weather. Similarly, loading docks and trash and dumpster areas are prone to collect most dirt and grime.

If your building signage is concrete, pressure washing with low pressure can make a big difference. The power of pressure washing services also works wonders and brightens up your dumpster and loading areas. High-traffic areas in commercial properties need more cleaning than residential areas.

Wondering what’s not safe to use pressure washing services? Some cars, roofs, soft surfaces like stained wood, areas with dry rot may not be ideal for pressure washing.

For everything else, contact Peter’s Pressure Washing!

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