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Is It Safe To Use Pressure Washing On Vinyl Siding?

Is it Safe to Use Pressure Washing on Vinyl Siding?

According to the experts, pressure washing vinyl siding is safe. You just have to know what you’re doing so that you don’t damage it! It’s important to use an adjustable nozzle on your pressure washer when cleaning any type of material, not just vinyl siding.  This way you’ll get the best result and won’t risk damaging your vinyl or other materials with too much water pressure. The experts recommend using a professional service to pressure washing vinyl siding!

Home Pressure Washing

Avoiding Damage With the Pressure Washer

If you try to pressure wash your vinyl siding, it can lead to cracking and eventually damage. Don’t worry, though, because it’s easy to avoid: all you need to use is an adjustable nozzle and the right know-how. An adjustable nozzle will not only give you perfect results with the right pressure but will also help prevent any future issues that could arise from pressure washing your vinyl siding. 

Cleaning Out and Avoiding Future Mold

When cleaning vinyl siding, it’s easy to forget about the spaces between your siding and your house. These small areas are hard to reach and can easily become home to mold. Even if you don’t pressure wash your vinyl siding, these issues can arise. To avoid this, we recommend spraying a bleach/water solution onto any problem area and then using a cloth or sponge to wipe it off to keep it dry. As well as keeping the area clean, and dry and eliminating the chance for mold, this will also maintain your vinyl siding’s color over time by preventing discoloration from mold and moisture buildup.

Using the Safe Solutions

It is critical that you use the right, safe chemical solutions when cleaning vinyl siding. If it’s necessary to use chemical solutions to clean vinyl siding, it’s important to note that if you use the wrong kind of chemical solutions to clean vinyl siding, it can cause paint cracking and lead to damaged siding over time. This is why we always recommend that you hire a professional who knows how to get the BEST results with no damage to your vinyl siding! We use gentle, low-pressure water spray and SAFE solutions to avoid damaging the vinyl siding and keep your vinyl looking its best!

Pressure Washing Siding

Pressure Washing Siding

Using gentler water pressure, preventing mold, and safe chemical cleaning solutions are a few of the many reasons why pressure washing vinyl siding is safe. It’s important to understand that high-pressure water can lead to damage over time, but low-pressure water won’t cause any problems for your vinyl siding. This way you can clean without damaging or scratching!

Work With Peter’s Pressure Washing Today!

Pressure washing for vinyl siding may be safer than using other cleaning methods like chemicals because it doesn’t require as much maintenance afterward either. If you’re looking for more tips on how to keep your home in good shape contact us today at (813) 455-3670 to get started!