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6 Reasons Why DIY Power Washing Is Dangerous

6 Reasons Why DIY Power Washing Is Dangerous

Power washing is an effective solution when considering getting rid of stubborn dirt, molds, and grime for both commercial and residential buildings.

With power washing services, you can rely on the expert and effective services of professional contractors.

While sometimes homeowners choose DIY methods, don’t take pressure washing lightly. It can be extremely dangerous if done incorrectly. There are over 6,000 injuries a year, in the US alone, as a result of using pressure washers.

Read on below to learn the top six dangers of DIY power washing:

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Top 6 Reasons to Avoid DIY Pressure Washing

injury from power washing DIY1. Possibility of Bodily Injuries

Don’t underestimate the strength of a power washer. Use caution when pressure washing, as it may have adverse impact on sensitive areas of the body like the face, feet, and hands. Unlike your typical garden hose, power washers have about 50 times the water pressure strength, and therefore, can cause severe injuries.

Pressure washers can take your skin off if you’re not careful.

Similarly, the pressure may become difficult to control at times, increasing your chances of getting hurt.

When considering DIY pressure washing, note the risks and instead, consider hiring professionals for power washing services.

2. Risk of Electric Shock

Power washers utilize electricity to release such high pressure of water for cleaning surfaces. With both high pressure water and electrical energy involved in the process, power washers, therefore, become inherently dangerous.

The power cable is typically between twenty and thirty feet, but with its flexibility, the cord may become loose and start cracking. Such cracks make the operator more susceptible to electrical shock since the machinery is being used with water.

Electrical shock, as well as fires, may arise which eventually may result in fatality. Grounded power sources may reduce such incidence, but it does not guarantee complete insulation against electric shocks.

skull and crossbones3. Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

It is common for operators to use different types of chemicals when washing surfaces that contain mold, mildew, and grime.

However, such substances are usually toxic and harmful to the body, particularly for human beings, animals. These chemicals also have an adverse effect on the environment. When conducting do-it-yourself methods of washing with power washers, these chemicals may get into wounds or cuts if proper precautions are not taken.

Similarly, if such substances directly enter the bloodstream, it may lead to severe health problems or bacterial infections. It is crucial to seek professional assistance, as such power washing services teams  better understand the impact of the chemicals, usage, and immediate solutions for minor emergencies.

4. Destruction of Surfaces

Power washers utilize electricity, which ensures the hose releases water at a very high pressure useful for deeply cleaning surfaces. However, the pressure can damage surfaces if used incorrectly, such as when washing too close to paint or wood construction.

Additionally, pressure washing done at the wrong angle may lead to severe damages to the insulation regions and the siding. Also, paint may chip off and spread hazardous elements to the environment.

When you seek professional power washing services, such instances remain very low with the provision of clean reparation surfaces.

blue window panes5. Difficulty Washing Older Windows & Shingles

Do-it-yourself methods of cleaning old windows and shingles may become impossible due to intricacy in using high-pressure water hoses. Damages on older windows and shingles may happen when using power washers as they are not able to withstand high pressure released.

When you hire professionals on such windows and shingles, they can analyze the surface and determine proper cleaning solutions. As such, always ensure to avoid DIY methods as this may cost you more in the long run on repairs and replacements.

6. Debris Cleanup

Due to high-pressure cleaning processes, debris cleaned from the surface usually flies in different directions. The dirt may become more dangerous when you wash materials such as asbestos which are toxic and harmful to both human health and the environment. More so, there would be the need to collect the spread dirt, which is very time-consuming. A two hour cleaning session can quickly become a whole day long task.

Some debris may accumulate on the water in low geographical areas leading to even more problems. As such, the best solution is to seek professional power washing services, as they are equipped with expertise to get the job done right. They can handle jobs quickly and efficiently because of this.

Reasons for Hiring Professionals for Pressure Washing Services

Hiring professionals significantly prevent the dangers associated with power washing while providing the needed cleaning solutions. Experienced contractors offer power washing services accompanied by safety and total insulation against any harm. The prices are affordable and services reliable and suitable for those who do not own power washers, knowledge, or technique.

Professionals experience helps. The staff is also trained on how to meander through slippery, taller, and narrow spaces while on the job. As an amateur, you may end up cleaning only floor surfaces with insufficient abilities to wash windows. As such, professionals offer comprehensive cleaning solutions to all areas ranging from windows, floors, and exterior surfaces of your building.

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