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Pressure Wash Roof Cost

Pressure Wash Roof Cost

What Factors Affect the Pressure Wash Roof Cost?

Mold, mildew, and other types of residues accumulate on roofs over time. This can lead to health problems for homeowners that are sensitive to certain allergens. If you want to remove these things from your roof but don’t know how much it will cost, read the following article which discusses some factors that affect pressure wash roof cost.

Roofs are often made up of shingles that can be susceptible to mildew formation. The more severe the problem, the greater the cost you will incur for roof power washing services. Other factors that affect this price include:


Pressure wash roof

The size of your roof plays an important role in determining how much it will cost to clean mold and other types of residues from it. This is known as surface square footage, which means multiplying the length by width on every side of your home to get total square footage numbers on all four sides.


A roof’s level of complexity is another factor that determines how much money you’ll spend on cleaning it. For example, gabled roofs are easier to clean than other more complicated types of rooftops.


Roof Washing Tampa FL

Roof Washing Tampa FL

The layout of your roof also plays a role in how much it will cost to power wash mold and other residue from it. If the existing shingles are only on one side of the structure, then this is typically more expensive than cleaning both sides because you can do two jobs at once instead of just one single job for the same price.


You may choose to remove or keep your dormers during your roof power washing service session depending on what you want done with them after the process has been completed. This factor will affect costs because if they are removed then they’ll have to be put back and if they remain then there’s no extra work necessary to complete the job.

Roofing Material

Finally, the kind of material used for your roof will affect your power washing cost as well because some kinds of roofs are easier to clean than others. For example, metal roofs require more elbow grease than other kinds such as wood or shingles that can be cleaned with just a garden hose.

Roof Shingles After Pressure Wash

Roof Shingles After Pressure Wash

This article discussed how you should expect to pay more for roof power washing services if it is a large task and/or has a lot of different angles and complexities involved in its execution. There are many things that influence the price, including surface square footage and dormers (if present). It also discussed how roofing materials affect the cost of power washing.

This article is a great source of information for anyone that wants to know how much it costs to hire professionals to clean roofs. It discusses effects such as layout and dormers, which can increase or decrease the price depending on whether they are present or not.

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