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Paver cleaning & Sealing Services Tampa

Paver Cleaning & Sealing Services Tampa Bay, Florida

We are the best paver cleaning and sealing service in Tampa Bay, Florida. Peter’s Pressure Washing offers a wide variety of paver restoration and paver cleaning services including brick paver sealing, concrete paver sealing and driveway paver sealing. Peter’s Pressure Washing takes pride in assuring optimal performance in every project.

Our professionals have the expertise to work on any size of the paver. We have customized paver sealing solutions for all based on the best commercial-grade sealant. It inhibits damage to your walkways and driveways over time.

Problems with pavers often occur because they are not properly maintained. Sometimes pavers are sold as “maintenance free” pavement; however, they do require maintenance, as do all outdoor surfaces subject to exposure to the elements. Failure to replenish joint sand, seal the pavers, and stabilize the joints, will inevitably lead to bigger maintenance issues down the road such as settling, surface erosion, permanent staining, and fading/discoloration. This can result in needing paver restoration services provided by Peter’s.

Sealing Pavers: The Seal 'n Lock Advantage

Over the years many “solutions” have been offered to deal with the potential maintenance issues that the owners of interlocking concrete pavers face. Primary among them was the introduction of solvent-based acrylic sealers, water-based sealers, and stabilized joint sands. These attempted solutions added some benefits while creating other problems of their own.

The Seal ‘n Lock System was developed by Richard Colletti, a contractor and successful businessman, to dramatically improve the process of cleaning and sealing paving stones. His application of breakthroughs in molecular manipulative chemistry has created a product that far exceeds anything previously used to seal paving stones and other concrete products.

Richard Colletti states the goal as follows: “The Seal ‘n Lock System Corporation has recognized the need for change in the interlocking concrete paver sealing industry – not just in sealing products, but in the overall application process. The increased demand for water-based products with low volatile organic compounds (VOC) as an alternative to solvent-based products has generated a new technology – Seal ‘n Lock System.

Our products are state-of-the-art and address existing industry concerns regarding pavers turning white, durability without toxicity, and disposal considerations associated with solvent-based sealers.”

Peters pressure washing was great!

Peters pressure washing was great! Kevin gave me a quick quote over the phone and they were out by the end of the week! The men that came out did a great job and even came back when I saw a couple spots after it dried for no charge! Very nice company and people! As a Realtor I will be recommending to clients!

Taylor D.

Traditional Water-Based Sealers

These products were introduced primarily to comply with lower VOC limits required by several states and to reduce toxic exposure for contractors and the environment. These are traditionally single stage chemicals that tend not to be very durable and also have the risk of “blushing” (trapping water vapor) thus turning white. Some have the ability to provide joint stabilization, but have been found to wear prematurely.

Stabilized Joint Sands (Polymeric Sand)

While these products work well for their intended function, they should only be used on new installations because they are designed to be installed to full joint depth. Any attempt to install stabilized sand on completed installations can cause the undermining of the bedding sand and/or peeling of the stabilized joint. Additionally, and most importantly, they create an increased risk to the contractor and the owner because they can often leave a “poly-haze” on the pavers from polymers left on the paver surface or stuck in the paver pores.

At the end of the day, none of the above “solutions” provided a comprehensive resolution to all the issues facing the interlocking paving stone industry.

Paver Cleaning and Sealing: Finally a Solution!

The Seal ‘n Lock System was developed to create a comprehensive answer to the industry’s need for a maintenance solution – without creating any additional issues. Seal ‘n Lock sealers apply a semi-penetrating film to the surface of the pavers while simultaneously stabilizing the joint sand using compounds in the sealer to bind the sand particles. Seal ‘n lock sealers are engineered to release moisture as the cure so the sealer may be applied on damp surfaces with no risk of blushing or yellowing. Seal ‘n Lock is a water-based urethane modified acrylic formula. It is very stable, durable, and highly adhesive. It contains an added ultra-violet radiation inhibitor, as well as mold, algae, and mildew inhibitors. The process involves a two coat application where the primary goal of the first coat is to “flood” the sand joint with a large volume of sealer to stabilize the joint. The goal of the second coat is to enhance and protect the paver surface while providing additional stabilization to the top of the sand joint.

Seal ‘n Lock is the only product that provides paver restoration without toxicity. Finally, a way to protect your investment, while providing a long-lasting enhancement and luster. For a fraction of your initial investment (often 10%) you can re-obtain the benefits you originally sought and purchased in the past when choosing pavers.

The thrill of our customers who have used Peter’s Pressure Washing to seal and restore their pavers confirms the benefits they receive. Look at the reviews from our many satisfied customers!

Paver Sealing FAQs

How long can I expect the sealer to last before it needs to be re-sealed?

There are some variables at play here such as paver absorption rate, density, exposure to elements, traffic patterns, etc; but in general you can expect 3-5 years before it’s time to reseal the pavers.

Will Seal 'n Lock ever turn white or need to be stripped?

No! Seal ‘n Lock will not turn white or ever need to be stripped, and every job is backed by our Whiting Issue Warranty.

My pavers have been sealed before, can they be resealed with Seal n' Lock?

This depends on the sealer that was used and the condition that it’s in. We can determine these factors by testing during a free consultation.

Can Seal 'n Lock be used on travertine?

Yes, Seal ‘n Lock is a fantastic product for travertine!

Will the pavers be slippery when wet after they are sealed?

No! Although many sealers give you this problem Seal n’ Lock does not. We have never had this complaint with Seal ‘n Lock on pavers.

Does the sealer have any harmful affects for plants, pets, or people?

No, Seal ‘n Lock is an Ultra-Low VOC products. It contains no harmful solvents or chemicals unlike Oil-based sealers. It is safe for plants, pets, and people.

What areas do you service for paver sealing?

We offer paver sealing services for Tampa, Wesley Chapel, New Tampa, Zephyrhills, Riverview, Apollo Beach, Ruskin, Gibsonton, Sun City, Wimauma, Seffner, Valrico, Dover, Brandon, Lithia, Plant City, Temple Terrace, South Tampa, and New Tampa.

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